The Quality Management System of the company is accredited with ISO: 9001-2008.
Guar gum powder for food must be of the premier microbiological clarity and it must also be consistent in its physical and chemical characteristics from delivery to delivery.

QUALITY CONTROL LABS supervise the excellence of raw materials, as well as semifinished and ended products. These amenities are well-resourced to maintain quality principles across the globe and across industries.Physical, chemical and microbiological testing is carried out at our quality control laboratory, which is set with latest testing & measuring equipments.

Following points is done to view quality control are:

• Control of Critical Points in Production.

• Sampling during and post production.

• Analysis report for every batch.

• Batch wise packing & numbering.

• 100 % quality assurance by testing of Guar Gum Powder & Raw Material i.e. Split.

• Automation of entire production process.

• Optimum close production.

We follow the drift: ‘’Quality brings customers back, again and again’’